September 16th, 2017
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We had a lovely, lovely week. Warm, dry and like it's high summer in mid September. But no.... climate change is not a thing. Nope. «sarcasm»

My reading week was not a really good one. I kept wanting to like a book that I really, really should have just DNF. But I'm a stubborn reader. I have to finish it even if I don't like it. Crazy reader.

I have a few things on my to-do list for today :
  • Make my apple sauce. I have the apples. I just have to peal them and put them in the slow cooker. It's apple time here. Yum.
  • I have 2 bananas ready to be made into tiny muffins. But I have to go to the grocery store to get the stuff I need like eggs, brown sugar.
  • I need to go shop for the lighting for my bathroom. The renovations are almost here. I did get all the plumbing things on Wednesday. The shower plumbing, the sink, the plumbing for the sink. In the end I ended up with 2 000$ of stuff. But lovely, lovely, burned brass to go with the white ceramic and coloured brass inserts.
I uncluttered my yarn cube last Sunday. I frogged at least 4 projects. Finished one. I'm almost with the second one I kept. I've started to knit again but in small bursts. 10 minutes at most. My shoulder is holding up.


Garrett by Sawyer Bennett. Hockey romance. But by name only. This is the book I stubbornly kept reading. I really wanted to like it more. But.... so much sex... I ended up skipping 40% of the book. Scene one, good it's perfect for the plot and the angst the author is setting up. Scene two. Good one too. It establishes the hero's changing. Scene three... well... four... god not another one... five...skip, skip, skip, repeat until the end for every scene.

Not that Olivia and Garrett aren't interesting. They are but their relationship is sex and sex and sex. It drowned what the author wanted to show: the journey of a man who doesn't do relationship, commitment, (cliché, but Garrett is not an ass so I can deal with this trope) and the journey of a woman faced with a challenge (medical crisis and done well). But ... unlike Alex and Sutton, both Garrett and Olivia were paper thin. It was angst and sex. All the time. It got boring. Cherry on top... the epilogue. Just no. As for the hockey, the hero could have been a football, baseball, basketball player or an architect wouldn't have changed a thing.


A few contemporary romances that were either free or really cheap in ebooks. I got #2 and #3 of Monstress which is probably what I'll read for a change of pace.

A Bibliotherapy essay.

In "Is it October Yet?" news....

I got my Funko Sidney Crosby figurine.

Training camps started on Thursday with media day and really on Friday. It's really funny to hear Ryan Reaves say this but not a surprise. So not a surprise. I think he was the only one who was surprised.

Like DUH!

Is it October yet? Pre-season games are starting today.
September 9th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] blueswan in [community profile] genealogy at 07:27pm on 09/09/2017
Recently I was corresponding with a new-found third cousin and we were moaning about the difficulties of researching in the western provinces when she provided me with a little story about how her family went west. Short story shorter, " Our line headed out to Manitoba in the same generation as Mary Ann and co (her brother James William and his wife came out - she was on her own, pregnant, with the older children and ended up shipwrecked after a storm on the lake, and gave birth on Manitoulin Island".

When I read that, I shouted, "Wait! I know this story." Which I speedily typed out and sent to her and then I had to dig up the links. I could have just sent her the link to A Little Mystery Solved. It's interesting to see how family stories can be retained by some parts of the family and lost to other parts. At this point, we think maybe Mrs. Morley and kids were on the Manitoulin which wrecked just off Manitoulin Island with only two lives lost. Mind you that was several months before the Asia sank so we aren't sure why they thought Mrs Morley and kids were on the Asia. I did find out where the fourth child came in, I guess that was the paper's subtle way of letting those who knew about the pregnancy know the child had arrived safely.

I just wanted to share this as a follow up to my original post because truly the answers are out. Even the ones to little stories that give the past some texture. (I think this is one of the coolest stories I've had happen while researching my family history.)
September 8th, 2017
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The leaves are turning, there's a crisp fell to the air in the morning when I leave for work.

This week I put together the list of Reading Harder for the library for the upcoming fall. 15 books by POC (men and women) through all forms : fictions, non fiction, graphic novels. This is the list of titles recommended by the librarian. We are doing what we can to offer diverse choices for reading.

This week's SmartBitches podcast is an interview with Alyssa Cole. I am so looking forward to read "An Extraordinary Union". The podcast is about clothing on cover art, Hamilton, lots of good stuff.

SeptemBOWIE is still going strong. I love this photo challenge. My entry for Golden Years and Life on Mars.


Nothing. I have very few hours to read since going back to work.


Erin McRae's A Queen from the North. A recommendation from Litsy.


My Is it October Yet? band-aid is Garrett by Sawyer Bennett. Hockey romance.

A Bibliotherapy essay.

I should be done with the librarian contemporary romance this week-end.

In "Is it October Yet?" news....

Pens' recruits camp had a surprise guest yesterday that had to be clear to skate with them. Bill Guerin cleared him to skate for 3rd center. Yeah, Sidney Crosby went on the ice yesterday and did drills with them. Can't keep the boy away from the ice.



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